When you’re managing a digital project there are many things to keep tabs on, how can you make sure to always keep an overview? Do you use a whiteboard to keep track of your progress day by day? Post-its that move position once a stage is complete? Or maybe you might chisel hieroglyphs into a stone tablet? All of the above are outdated methods for managing your project: digital project management is the way to go!

are you a digital project manager?

When can you call yourself a digital project manager? Simply uploading your documents onto a shared disk isn’t enough. Certainly not when you could be uploading them to the cloud . In the cloud, it’s immediately clear what the current status of the project is. Important data can be viewed by all stakeholders and everyone knows what needs to be done in order to move to the next stage of the project.

It’s also easy for people to gain insight into what is expected of them and others. If someone unexpectedly drops out, all the information is readily available to pass on to the next person. And perhaps most importantly: there is only 1 central point containing all the information. No differences in version management and ambiguity about responsibilities, everything is transparent. People are able to work much more efficiently within their project team and the digital project manager is much better able to focus on their own reponsibilities in stead of having to play at being a kindergarten teacher .

characteristics of a digital project manager

A good digital project manager has at least these characteristics:

  1. You follow a certain project methodology. Whether that’s PRINCE2 or Agile is irrelevant. As long as it’s done with deliberation and the rest of the team is clear about what phases an responsibilities this methodology involves.
  2. You must be able to communicate well with both your technical people as well as senior management. In the role of a digital project manager it’s important that everyone speaks the same language, regardless of their level. It’s your job to make sure that everything is not only continuously clear and able to be understood, but also transparent for all involved.
  3. You must be capable of determining strategy and guiding others in the right direction. Your team looks to you when it comes to strategic choices, so make the decisions when they’re needed and keep others involved when determining which direction to take.
  4. Your job is to manage your project team and allocate costs in the best possible way. Of course the intention is that your project generates money or reduces costs.
  5. Because you’re constantly compromising between stakeholders, you also have to be able to hold your own when the time comes for justification of your project. Especially when a lot of money is involved, questions will inevitably arise about the project’s ROI. So it’s important to always have an overview of the current situation handy, so that you can respond in-depth to any doubts.
  6. Knowing your way around Google Analytics is a very important part of monitoring when you’re leading a digital project. Google Analytics allows you to clearly see improvements and therefore what your project will ultimately result in. Being able to interpret the data is an important skill, as is communicating these conclusions to all stakeholders.
  7. Always remain focussed on the goal. The customer has voiced a desire and your project team will fulfil it. Keep monitoring whether certain things still contribute to the ultimate goal or whether they add very little to it.

qualities of a digital project manager

While the previous matters mainly focus on measurable aspects that can easily be ticked off in a job despcription, there are a number of distinct qualities that simply can’t be learned. These personal characteristics or qualities are of crucial importance if you’re looking to appoint a digital project manager. He/she must:

  • love solving problems. The whole project revolves around a problem that needs solving and within the project, new problems are always popping up. The job is to deal with them as quickly as possible without losing sight of the ultimate goal.
  • enjoy breaking down a large and complex project into smaller, bite-sized chunks that can be assigned to other people. To do this, it’s important to be able to oversee all aspects of the project and to motivate people in a positive way to perform their assigned task in a satisfactory manner.
  • willing to learn continuously. With each new project, there are lessons to be learned when they’re confronted with new technology, a new method or working method. Your digital project manager must have an open mind and research how these new things can help the project along further. Stubbornly clinging to existing knowledge is not always the most effective way to manage a project.
  • a a sociable person who enjoys forming relationships. For a digital project manager, always ensuring that the many stakeholders are satisfied is a part of the role. It’s important to listen carefully to their wishes, requirements and doubts in order to respond adequately. The task is to keep everyone up to date on progress and insure they remain involved in the project.
  • able to cope well with changes. No matter how great the initial plan is, it is certain to change. Deadlines will shift, certain features might be unable to be added and requirements change throughout the process. Stubbornly trying to cling on to an outdated project plan is not the solution, so a flexible attitude is crucial.
  • love to work from deadline to deadline. With clear goals in mind, it becomes easier to organise and complete phases of a project.

do you need a digital project manager?

Are you about to start a digital project and do you not have the right people to manage it? Do you want to design this project in the most efficient and effective way by working in the cloud, but haven’t had much experience working in this way? BrandPit is happy to help you. Our broad knowledge of digital, innovation and its professionals, means we know the right people to take on your project. Make an appointment and we can get to know each other. Together, we’ll see what’s possible. See you soon?