The Purple People launched

the first agency to bridge the gap between business, IT and HR

The Purple People is a consultancy agency which helps organizations literally and figuratively bring a (digital) strategy to life by adding the human factor. They do this using a proven methodology: Digital Talent Management. Using this methodology, a foundation is created for the organization to build a future-proof team with all the necessary capabilities. The Purple People is the first agency to bridge the gap between business, IT and HR.

people in the boardroom

The agency was founded by Danne de Vries and Carolien de Rooi. Danne founded headhunt boutique BrandPit 12 years ago, the first headhunter to specialize entirely in the digital domain.

Danne: “We believe that you have to use people to keep your organization on track. As far as I am concerned, the subject of ‘people’ should have a seat in the boardroom. The culture within an organization and the mindset are the success factors to accelerate the implementation of the digital strategy. This requires a different kind of organization and people with a flexible and digital mindset and a mix of content skills. Based on this belief, The Purple People was founded.”

Carolien has worked for 20 years in various lead roles in marketing and media at large corporates. She joined BrandPit earlier this year and co-founded The Purple People.

“Change is the only constant factor. Whether it’s lightning-fast technological developments, a Corona pandemic or an impending recession, you have to be able to move really quickly as a company. So you better build an organization that is prepared for this. Whether this concerns new propositions, business models, culture change or structures. That is where we come in as change directors. And we do this in a pragmatic way with a wealth of experience,” says Carolien.

View the website of The Purple People here.

Carolien de Rooi en Danne de Vries, founders of The Purple People

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