BrandPit meets Brad Pitt: update

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice. BrandPit is 12.5 years old this year. And we’re celebrating it. In our own way. For example, we have a video message for Brad Pitt. Because even though our name is not based on him, we want to thank him for his contribution to our name and fame, for 12.5 years now. And we want to congratulate him on his 60th birthday. According to the idea of “six degrees of separation”, you know the world in six steps, the message must reach him within those few steps. We think so. After all, we also know how to find the ideal digital professionals. So it is entirely matching with our idea of “all about people.”


But BrandPit’s anniversary is also a good time to take a look back at the past few years. Officially, the name saw the light of day back in 2009. In the final days of the credit crisis, Danne founded the one-man business BrandPit. In addition to her interim work, she explores the possibility of recruitment and selection in the field of, at that time, online marketing and e-commerce. A niche. And it works. In 2011, BrandPit becomes an official BV. The headhunting boutique that brings people together in the best combination is a fact. In addition to headhunting and interim, BrandPit quickly focused on building future-proof teams. Because there is no success without teamwork. The customer base is growing. In 2015, BrandPit is, once again, a trendsetter in the market with “digital” as its specialty. First employees join the company and it moves about four times. But always within Amsterdam-West. Besides the tosti Friday, the annual benchmark salaries and interim rates are by now a tradition.

over again, and better

All growth stops abruptly in 2020. Corona. BrandPit has to start almost from scratch. Only Danne and Kiki continue. With resilience. Everything new and better. The arrival of The Purple People in 2022 is proof of that. Just like the fact that Carolien, Amy and Thom can enter the workforce.

BrandPit has helped more than 350 companies over the past 12.5 years. Always from the conviction, that not technology, but people determine success. They are the core. The power of the brand. It’s all about people!

So do you know someone, who knows Brad Pitt indirectly? For example, because that person is involved in Formula 1, buys good rosé at Miraval, coincidentally recorded a picture with him in Studio One, has ever had him in front of the lens or microphone, been married to him, or simply works in the film industry and can help us out? Please let us know. (

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