BrandPit deploys gamification for recruitment

Game on! At BrandPit, playing a computer game is now part of the recruitment and selection process. This is how we bring the right people together and how diversity & inclusiveness is achieved by our clients. Because with a diverse team, consisting of people with different backgrounds and characteristics, the greatest successes are achieved. Sounds familiar and logical, right? We explain further.

Goodbye prejudice!

By using game-based assessments, a clever mix of science and technology, we outsmart prejudice during the recruitment process. Prejudices exist. Always and about everything. That’s okay, that’s how the brain works. But because of those ever-present prejudices, before you know it, another candidate, with whom it clicks so well, is on the team, among all the other almost identical peers. While the resume of the somewhat ‘different’ candidate, with the best skills & personality for the job, has been overlooked. Because of these prejudices, regardless of all good intentions, the necessary diversity is not achieved. It is achieved when the recruitment and selection process is unbiased. Or is “unbiased. That sounds almost as complicated as “being in the moment,” but “being unbiased” is doable with the necessary awareness.


Recruitment becomes more objective when it is based on criteria that have nothing to do with age, gender, origin, orientation or appearance. Experience and education can also be subsumed under these. They are of secondary importance. After all, no one has ever been fired because of a previous job. Let alone for getting a college degree. What matters is personality. Who is someone? What is the behavior like? What are the skills?

And therein lies the crux. Because you can measure all that objectively and specifically. And you can do so while playing a game. The game results clearly indicate whether someone is a team player or prefers to go it alone. How people deal with change and whether they prefer to work quickly or carefully. At the same time, the results give an insight into appropriate tasks, strengths and the challenges. Instructive for all parties. Nice and efficient, too. The game is short and concise and you know immediately what you need to know. And it’s fair. Socially or culturally desirable behavior can stay home. Gets no chance at all. On top of that, playing the game is fun to do. Even if you’ve never held a Nintendo Switch or PlayStation in your hand. No preparation is necessary.

Cooperation with Equalture

We know better than anyone how prejudiced resumes are looked at. That’s why BrandPit is partners with the company Equalture and puts the games to use for the profiles of Product Owner, E-Commerce lead/specialist, Online Marketing Professional and Marketing Professional. We do this at the beginning of the process. All based on specific objective requirements. The games and the results are continuously scientifically tested and justified. Or rather, there are very “unbiased” serious games being played at BrandPit these days.

Do you want more information about Equalture? Click here

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