vacancy global sales enablement lead. topdesk, delft.

Your mission is to enable local sales departments to realize growth. You will help convince prospects to choose TOPdesk as their preferred supplier and onboard them in an easy, standardized, and predictable way. You’ll analyze the global new business sales pipeline identifying bottlenecks and opportunities for a more successful and efficient new business sales and onboarding process, with vision and strategy, structured, with local alignment and adoption on a global scale and on a technical level. Part of these activities/initiatives spread within international teams and colleagues (like BDM, Sales Management, Onboarding Consultancy)

You will be a part of the Growth&Commerce domain. You’ll work in close contact with local sales and consultancy experts and the other domains Product&Development, People&Organization and Business Empowerment. Together you will define global sales enablement initiatives to accelerate growth of new TOPdesk customers. You will align initiatives and KPIs with local branches, the board and executive team, and other domains. With these tasks, you’ll collectively help initiatives become globally successful – making TOPdesk grow.

The Growth & Commerce leadership team, that you are part of, works together on a regular basis to help the local teams they represent. Within this team, there is a split between “Inspire” representing global marketing acquisition activities, “Land” responsible for new customer acquisition and “Retain&Expand” responsible for retention and upsell. They support local groups in achieving their goals and translating them into global initiatives, targets, actions, and behavior. The leadership team creates the foundation for success, defines the best tactics to reach the goals, and facilitates where possible.

Within the subdomain of Land, you have accountability for the global results of new customer growth. You’ll take ownership and act as a representative for new business sales and implementation consultancy. Within the leadership team, you’ll align, review, and prioritize tasks necessary to reach Growth and Commerce goals. You do this together with your colleagues and various stakeholders. The goal is to deliver improvements that are used and appreciated by local branches. You are able to make choices based on a firm analysis and connect the initiatives to realized results.

You’ll manage a team of experts, which includes pricing&packaging, sales enablement (CRM/tooling), and sales education. Delivering on analytics and updates on pricing & packaging, CRM and sales education programs.

the topdesk structure

The Growth & Commerce domain is responsible for all commercial efforts that lead to the growth of TOPdesk. It includes processes like Marketing, Sales, and Consultancy.

Within Growth & Commerce there are three subdomains:

  • Inspire: Grow the number of leads by inspiring our sweet spot customers to orient on TOPdesk. The activities within the global marketing teams’ brand awareness (BAT), campaigns (CAT), and funnel optimization (FOX) form this subdomain.
  • Land: Grow the number of customers using TOPdesk by convincing prospects to choose TOPdesk as their preferred supplier and onboarding them in an easy, standardized, and predictable way. Develop a more efficient sales and onboarding process. And create a feedback loop of customer insights to Product&Development. A part of these activities/initiatives spread within different international colleagues and teams (like BDM, Sales Management, Onboarding Consultancy) and with other global domains Product&Development, People&Organization and Business Empowerment.
  • Retain & Expand: Grow the number of operators by satisfying and delighting customers by understanding their needs. Help them based on product usage data and experience with similar customers towards service excellence. Have a standardized customer communication process based on the customer lifecycle using multiple touch points.

Each subdomain has its own lead. For Inspire this is Jan-Bart Bij de Vaate and for Retain & Expand this is Gökhan Tuna. For “Land” we are looking for a new lead.

profile of the ideal candidates

  • Proven track record within sales management and realizing growth;
  • Ability to analyze global sales pipeline results, getting a grip on new business opportunities and customer growth;
  • Knowledge and understanding of the value of tooling and technical products to support global sales efficiency.
  • Knowledge about pricing and packaging strategies
  • Able to organize a fact-based feedback loop on customer insights
  • Ability to form a vision and strategy based on the analysis, identifying opportunities to realize growth;
  • Has experience in a role having sales accountability;
  • Affinity with implementation consultancy;
  • Experience in setting up, leading, and coaching a team;
  • Ability to inspire different global stakeholders;
  • Ability to build bridges and collaborate with others;

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