opdracht a.i. data analyst e-commerce. kramp, utrecht/varsseveld

E-commerce is key for the success of Kramp. With clients all over the world, and 500.000+ products in 18 languages we are continually seeking to ways to improve our customer experience. Not just for .com or our app, but also our findability is a major pilar in reaching the ultimate customer journey for our clients. This is the perfect opportunity if you have passion for Data, Analytics & E-commerce and like great complexity. You get enthusiastic about providing actionable insights to improve our users’ experience & e-commerce performance. Do you feel recognized?

We are looking for a freelance Data Analyst to temporarily join us in our journey to become a truly data-driven e-commerce company, working in agile product teams, where product owners, developers, data analysts, UX & CRO specialists are working closely together and fully focus on their product. With 3 E-commerce Data Analysts already in the team & a data analyst community of > 50 colleagues across the group, we’re sure you will get challenged to keep learning and look forward to your contribution!

freelance data analyst e-commerce

During the last years we have spent a lot of time on the implementation of the Google Analytics 360 suite and Tableau. The implementation gives us great insights in our visitors & customers’ digital behavior. Think about what you can analyze and contribute to our business with access to all our click, customer, product- & sales data of >50k (recurring) customers, >500k products and >1 billion of yearly turnover data. We are looking for the person who is always looking for the question behind the question, can combine & extract data from multiple sources and is comfortable in translating these into actionable insights and presenting this to stakeholders.

the job

  • You will enable product teams to make decisions from the data lens, by conducting in-depth analysis and creating insights through dashboarding.
  • You will analyze and monitor the development of our e-commerce KPI’s, the progress of our objectives & key results (OKR’s) and translate these into insights.
  • Support multiple teams in working with OKR’s by defining metrics, baseline measurements & targets. Then validate & analyze the impact for all improvements we create in our digital experience (such as pre-post analysis and/or experimentation analysis).
  • Build relationships with stakeholders to establish yourself as the expert for data insights & web analytics expertise, working together with the other analysts in different teams to continuously improve our maturity in data-driven decision making.

This role will take the responsibility for our key journeys, such as findability of items, delivery communication & check-out! A very challenging opportunity.

the candidate

  • Completed bachelor’s or master’s degree in a relevant professional area.
  • At least 4 years of experience as an analyst in e-commerce/digital companies.
  • Good communication and advisory skills (written and spoken).
  • Strong experience with web analytics like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics or similar tooling.
  • Experience with dashboarding and data visualization.
  • Strong ability to extract actionable insights from advanced analyses and being able to advise on possible next steps.
  • Preferably you have experience with Python, SQL & Google BigQuery (we provide room for training & personal development to learn).

The digital Hub of Kramp is in Utrecht. The e-commerce team of Kramp is in Varsseveld. It would be great if you could meet-up with the teams once per week. The remaining hours you can work form home or anywhere you want.


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