what is the impact of covid-19 on digital professionals today?

What was a consistent trend for digital talent in the workforce isn’t the same this week.

Obviously there is no doubt that the coronavirus outbreak will have significant consequences for the world and therefore the recruitment industry as a whole. Many employers were and are facing the decision of whether to stop hiring digital professional alongside making possible reductions in staff. And obviously this has a knock-on effect for us headhunters and recruiters.

so, what impact do we see of covid-19 on digital professionals?

Last week was a week where digital transformational changes got introduced that would have taken a decade to make this happen under different circumstances. Within one week the business world shifted from working from home as a potential option to having this as the only solution. Within a few days e-commerce platforms thrived more than ever before and reached their sales targets for the rest of the year (have a look at this article for an example). And it wasn’t even Christmas yet.

We are having many digital coffees with our network and I’m – like so many others – trying to find a new balance in my schedule, head and household. In the meantime I’ve noticed people have a desire to talk about this new bizarre situation; the phone keeps on ringing with the most interesting digital professionals that want to share their experiences and ideas within these bizarre times. As a result: we are all even more connected to all the relationships that matter to us on so many more levels than only the connection on digital level.

I’m saying more levels than only a digital connection as I’ve noticed 3 interesting new workforce developments as a reaction to the initial business changes due to Covid-19.

1. clients and candidates are thinking much more “ out of the box”

I believe the key to weathering this storm is to keep calm and focus on looking for alternative ways of working to ensure some business continuity for everyone the coming months. For example, one of our clients is moving forward by contracting new colleagues by removing the 1-month trial period from their contracts. Just to be able to offer more certainty in uncertain times.

2. clients and candidates are taking this momentum to “quietly” think ahead

Many organizations will, as a minimum, put a freeze on non-essential role hiring. Or as we notice as well, others will face the difficult situation of a complete hiring freeze and staff reductions. But what happens to the essential roles? Perhaps needless to say but digital talent is part of these essential roles which clients can’t wait to hire. Especially within e-commerce, online marketeers, product owners and market place specialists. This is the time to exhilarate digital teams and some of the early birds within our clients network seem to act on this and dare to think ahead.

3. it is a time for reflection, more digital talent will start to move jobs soon

Just like in Summer time when you are on holidays, many job boards show a massive increase in visitors when they return. People start to realize they are ready for something new when they have time to overthink their current position, work-life balance and therefore their job. The big shift of digital professionals looking for a better fit with their redefined ambition will and is already coming now. This is for sure what our networking is showing us. So employers, partner up to create your funnel to keep these digital professionals in the loop for your most crucial positions.

The coronavirus is a story with an unclear ending. And that is exactly why we all have an imperative to act immediately to protect your employees, your digital talent like your digital marketing manager, your e-commerce directors and online marketeers, whilst addressing the business challenges and risks that come with that. As BrandPit we are now teaming up with our clients so we can think ahead and make your digital teams more savvy and stronger than ever. We make sure a personal roadmap is in place. That businesses are aware of their expected needs ahead of time. And that we identify the risk areas of people that might want or need to move to different positions. They are ready….you?

Please feel free to contact Danne if you like to share your thoughts and ideas on this.

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