Everything we do is digital first! Especially towards our customers. To optimize the journey and to add value to their experience and our business we are looking for an entrepreneurial digital product manager with an affinity for an agile way of work who takes the lead in the role as product owner. We believe in the power of differences. In this position you manage the transaction timeline (history and future transactions) of the App.

senior product owner

The main tasks and responsibilities for you (and your squad are):

  • Managing the history and future payment transactions within the App and Online Banking.
  • Determining – based on customer feedback, performance & stakeholder requirements, and business goals – what should be the next steps for improving and optimizing these features.
  • Integrating other relevant features (like payment initiation) or insights into the transaction timeline with the aim of making the app more relevant and easier to use.

you & your job

  • Based on the vision of the App, the area plan and your product vision, you determine and realize your purpose and roadmap together with your squad.
  • You realize the purpose by translating it into a roadmap with backlog and user stories, by collecting customer feedback, setting priorities, and coordinating with your stakeholders (Design, Marketing, Compliance/Legal/Risk, Architects, etc.) and who can help you further in realizing your purpose.
  • Because the services within the App and Online Banking are constantly evolving, this requires maximum agility from you and your squad.
  • It is also your job to forge a coalition that knows how to use the diversity of goals, interests, expertise and talents to make appealing online customer service accessible to customers and users in a modern, user-friendly and scalable way.
  • You have discussions with skilled technical people on a daily basis to ensure the right pros and cons are warranted when setting priorities and developing new functionality. You strongly contribute to a safe, ambitious and enjoyable work environment for your squad.

our team

As part of the Tribe Digital Platform, the Area Consumers is responsible for the App and Online Banking environment for our private clients. Of the 5.2 million active users, about 2.5 million visit our app every day. The App is therefore for most of our customers the best way to stay in touch. Whether it’s to quickly check the balance, send a payment request or set a budget. It all starts in the App.

The Consumers Area’s main goal is to provide our customers with a high-quality, relevant, and reliable app for their daily banking affairs. In addition, we have the ambition to have a demonstrably positive effect on the financial health of our customers with the various features within the App. Currently, the area consists of 9 squads.

what we ask

  • Several years of experience in a role as Product Owner within an enterprise environment.
  • Experience in an ever-changing environment with a large number of stakeholders.
  • Experience working in an agile organization (scrum).
  • Demonstrable experience in defining and drawing up a squad purpose, formulating a product vision and resulting roadmap.
  • Willingness to work both remotely and on location.
  • You master the English language in both word and writing.
  • Experience working in an international / multi-cultural environment.
  • Experience in the field of e-commerce and digital marketing is a plus.

book results

  • You know how to set logical and explainable priorities within a dynamic environment with many interests.
  • You give your team direction, clarity and protect them against matters that negatively affect the realization power and speed of delivery.
  • You actively manage any obstacles and dependencies and gradually work towards an increasingly predictable and higher rhythm of delivery.
  • You aim at better results in terms of reliability, quality and relevance on an everyday basis.

facts & figures

  • 2 million active users of Online Banking App and Desktop banking)
  • Daily 2.3 million visitors to the App
  • 5 million digital signatures per day
  • 4 million users of Insights features as a first step towards a financially healthier life

you & your talent

  • An academic intellectual ability.
  • Experienced in stakeholder management within large organizations.
  • Have a helicopter view and the ability of quickly making connections.
  • Are an expert in solving large complex problems.
  • Clear communication to your colleagues and stakeholders.
  • Have a digital DNA, agility and strong affinity with developing software in agile scrum teams.
  • You have the confidence and strength to keep cool in a demanding environment
  • Can express yourself well (orally and in writing) in English.

this is what we offer you

  • Up to € gross per month and a 13th month.
  • 36 hours workweek is full time
  • An Employee Benefit Budget (11% of your monthly income, every month). How you make use this budget is up to you. Think, for example, of buying extra vacation days or an extra deposit in your pension.
  • A budget of € 750 to set up your home workplace and up to € 40 working from home allowance per month.
  • We maintain a hybrid way of working. This means that you both work from home as (in close collaboration with your team) from our head office in Utrecht.