your mission:

While working across the digital eco-system (CRM, analytics, SEO/SEA, social, E-Commerce) you drive the most powerful digital marketing practice in the industry, and you aim to build synergies, scale, and innovation in order to meet company business goals.

your profile:

  • An innovative and passionate digital, new media executive who delivers cutting-edge, customer-centric experiences with a focus on digital strategy, campaign planning, and customer relationship management.
  • Passionate about driving disruptive growth via optimizing customer journeys across touch-points, regions, and online marketing channels, fully leveraging the latest digital technologies.
  • This role asks for a clear vision and extensive leadership skills. You have the ability to inspire, motivate and let people grow.
  • with impact on both online and offline sales, with an omnichannel approach.
  • An outstanding track record of formulating and delivering acquisition, retention, and conversion strategies, driving business transformation through customer and product revenue growth, program optimization, and leadership of highly skilled teams.

your tasks:

  • Develop online strategies to drive financial results by maximizing sales, margin, and inventory turnover.
  • Initiate and implement the direct-to-consumer communication strategy in order to boost traffic to the webshops and stimulate (brand) activation
  • Provide and implement a comprehensive and effective CRM / Loyalty strategy in order to gain maximum ROI
  • Managing relationships with leading digital marketing and technology companies to ensure that digital is at the core of all marketing activities within the organization.
  • Solving complex problems across digital marketing channels and communicating an inspired vision that mobilizes teams to execute well-crafted plans and deliver break-through growth.
  • Manage internal relationships with company leaders in e-com and marketing and regions like the US, SA, Japan.
  • Be the catalyst for the adoption of best in class digital practices
  • Own KPI’s which define your success metrics and deliver against them.
  • Lead a team of 10 digital marketeers and CRM specialists and develop them into future digital marketing leaders.


  • Exceptional knowledge and vision on all digital marketing channels
  • Extensive experience in CRM technology, implementation, and data enrichment
  • Team building, motivation, and development
  • Leadership experience on an international level, both agency and industry
  • Strong business impact orientation, results, and analytical focused
  • Strong relationship management and communication skills on various organizational levels
  • Strategic thinking and “entrepreneurial” mentality
  • Partnering and collaboration approach both internal and external