Your mission: Optimizing, monitoring and further developing the face and voice of our client. In the role of a creative strategist, you are the guardian of the Brand. You are responsible for (further) developing & optimizing the brand vision and the accompanying visual/brand identity.

creative strategist

In this role, you report directly to the CCO. The commercial strategy is leading, and you are his right hand in bringing this strategy to life in the creative and visual domain. Your left hand reaches out to the Lead campaign, Lead content, and Lead studio within the marketing team. Not managing, but in such a way that you are the driver of the entire Marketing domain with your creative output, from imagination to master plan. However, it does not end here. If we really want to take substantive steps, then you will have to bring your vision and elaboration to life for the rest of the organization.

You inspire, motivate and connect all parts of the organization.

From sales to data and performance and so on. In this way, you can turn your thoughts into a shared and powerful brand. Which can be translated towards all channels; can be seen by all customers and can be measured and developed continuously.

We don’t ask for pretty pictures. We ask for personality, character, and appearance.

What we are looking for

  • As a creative strategist, you are the brain behind visual identity and branding. Because you are online savvy and combine this domain with knowledge of traditional media, you bring your vision to life with a 360 approach to the campaign level.
  • You let yourself be guided by what the data tells you about the customer. What can be done better?
  • You’re able to oversee everything and have an eye for detail.
  • You are aware that ultimately the results count. From brand awareness to new customers, active customers, the value of customers. You know that in your role you can nurture strategic organizational goals.

Much is expected of this role. And we want to make sure that you can fully focus on the content. You do not have a large team, but you are responsible for managing creatives. Besides that, you work closely with the MT of the creative hub. They can help you with tactical and operational support to bring your ideas to life.

 At least 10 years of work experience within the creative visual strategy domain.